About Us

Our Story is one of the Andean People. We are the custodians of more than 3000 years of textile history. We begin with my ancestors, the Chavin People of Peru, in 1000 B. C. and continue today, supporting an unbroken chain of women artisans whose textiles and knitting skills have been passed down to them through generations. I began to write my chapter on this history in 1998 in Lima, Peru, after working as a fashion knitwear designer for many years. I created the SULATA label to provide the highest quality garments inspired by my ancient culture and crafted by a handpicked group of artisan women from Peru.

I was born in Lima, Peru and growing up, I loved to crotchet and knit, mainly using alpaca wool. I graduated from the Fashion Design School with a dream of creating a line of clothing that embodied my love for our Andean textiles, and my goal was quickly achieved.

I attended a job interview (for a translator role). I wore one of my jumpers – the interviewer was involved in a large retailer of alpaca knitwear clothing and asked me to come and work with them. I was there for 27 years and worked as the Product Manager and Knitwear Designer for South America. After working as a knitwear designer for many years on three continents and travelling with my husband throughout the United States, visiting county fairs and rodeos, sharing our love of alpaca and getting to know the local people; we moved to Australia and created the SULATA label intending to provide an exciting line of practical alpaca clothing inspired by my ancient culture and crafted by the same small family-owned artisans we have worked with for over two decades.

All the Sulata garments are designed by myself; as my ideas progress and I make my choices of yarn, colours, and stitches; I create my final drawings and samples here in my home in Sydney. It’s a long process, but every step is worth it when I see my collection finished. Most of our products are knitted in alpaca yarn, which promotes sustainable agriculture in the Andes; It’s also free of the lanolin that is present in merino wool, making it hypoallergenic. 

At SULATA, we are committed to Fair, Ethical and Sustainable design and manufacturing and helping women entrepreneurs grow their family-run businesses allowing them to have stable incomes and sustainable development for ourselves and our partners.

We invite you to view our full line of products, and I thank you for visiting our site.

Best Wishes,