Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fibre is softer and warmer than cashmere and lighter and stronger than sheep’s wool.  Alpaca wool is known as “the fibre of the Gods” in the Inca Empire, for its soft, silky, durable, lustrous and flexible natural fibre.   The alpaca fleece is similar to merino wool but stronger; it comes in 22 different natural colours.  Alpaca wool, with its soft seductive feel, is considered an exclusive “specialty” fibre.

Alpaca wool is a unique thermal insulator and absorbs ambient humidity, due to the microscopic air pockets found within it.  These pockets allow the fabric to breathe through the fibres on warm days and likewise trap body heat in cold weather, affording greater protection and comfort in a variety of climates.

Alpaca is hypoallergenic and does not contain lanolin (lanolin holds microscopic allergens) it requires no chemical-scouring agents for processing. This makes Alpaca especially comfortable even for those with sensitive skin.

Alpaca is elastic, with high strength which makes the fibre particularly durable and ideal for knitwear;

Alpaca wool is naturally moisture wicking.  It has a low moisture absorbency rate, with great wicking properties resulting in better comfort and warmth.