Care Instructions

All SULATA products are made using the highest quality yarns and require special care when cleaning. Alpaca fibres are naturally stain, odour and wrinkle resistant.  Because of this, alpaca garments can go extended periods before washing.


  • Hand washing is the best method for cleaning alpaca knitwear.  It will add years of the life of your garment.
  • Machine washing is not recommended,
  • Gently hand wash your garment in cool water (hot water may cause shrinkage) with a gentle soap or baby shampoo
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly using cool water with a gentle swirl, please do not wring or twist.
  • Gently fold and leave it in a drainer to remove excess of water (please do not twist)
  • Lay it out on a towel and gently roll up in the towel the way you would a yoga mat pressing as you go, do not squeeze or press hard, you only want the towel to absorb more water, leave it in the towel for about 10 minutes, air dry the garment flat
  • Once completely dry your sweater should be ready to wear. 
  • All-natural fibres pill.  If that happens, simply use a sweater shaver to remove pilling.  Avoid too much pressure or it may cause a hole.
  • Never chlorine bleach


  • Be sure to use a trusted dry cleaner
  • Bring all care labels and tags to insure proper care
  • Point out any stains or spots of your garment so special care will be paid
  • Request moth -proofing if possible


  • Lay all hand knit garments or sweaters flat; hanging them may distort the garment.  Make sure your alpaca products are clean and dry before you put them away for a long-term storage.
  • Be sure to moth-proof all garments; a cedar chest is ideal if possible or put inside your chest some cedar chips or lavender.
  • All knitwear, including sweaters and blankets, should be folded and laid flat.  No knitwear should be placed on a recommend using either a cedar hanger or those hanging cedar blocks